4 Etiquette Tips for Riding in a Pittsburgh Limousine


rolls-royce-54855_1920If you are looking for limo services in Pittsburgh or any other North American city, there are some etiquette tips you should be aware of. Knowing these could make your trip more comfortable and pleasant for everyone, especially your driver. Here are four tips to keep in mind the next time you rent a limousine service.

  1. Be courteous: Even though you’ll be treated like a rock star, doesn’t mean you have to act like one. Always treat your driver and others in your party with the respect and dignity they deserve. Your driver is there to make sure that the ride to your event or celebration is as enjoyable as possible; don’t treat them like they’re your slave or that they don’t deserve simple courtesies like “please” and “thank you”.
  2. Don’t assume your pets are welcome: You may love Fido like a family member, but don’t assume everyone else will. Some limo companies allow pets to board, but may have restrictions, such as If pets are allowed, they may have to be contained in a carrier (no they can’t hang their head out of the window!). If you absolutely must bring your dog along, call limo services in Pittsburgh to find one that allows pets. This will save you much time and frustration later on if you bring your dog only to find out they can’t ride with you.
  3. Tip your driver: This may seem like a no-brainer to some, but there are people who aren’t sure on the rules of tipping. Just like you would tip your waitress, hairdresser or paper boy, you should tip your limo driver at the end of your trip. Generally, this is 15 – 20 percent of the total fare. Ask others in your group to pitch in to make it more cost-effective. If you’re not sure about tipping procedures or protocol, you can ask your limo services in Pittsburgh to offer some advice.
  4. Be on time: Be ready to go when your limo driver comes to get you – period. There is nothing that can excuse being late (other than an emergency). Get up at the first alarm, forgo that second cup of coffee, and lay out your clothes the night before. Spend 15 or 20 minutes in preparation so that everything will go smoothly as you’re getting ready. When your driver arrives, be ready and waiting at the door, with your shoes and coat on, and luggage in hand!

Limo services in Pittsburgh can give you other tips and advice on how to get the most out of your ride. You want your limo experience to enhance your party, celebration or event, and it’s important to make sure you follow common courtesies so that can be achieved. When you’re riding in your limo, remember the manners that your mother taught you – be courteous, be polite and remember your “P’s and Q’s”. It will make things much easier on everyone and you will have positive memories you can share with your friends and loved ones.

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