4 Reasons to Hire a Car Service when Traveling for Business


auto-770887_1920The one thing worse than being late for an important business meeting is missing it entirely. While some travel delays escape your control — unpredictable bad weather, aircraft dilemmas, lost reservations, airport computer system crashes — others are closer within it. Ground transportation, in particular, is something you can’t command entirely, but making the correct decision about which mode of journey you use does impact your chances of having a smooth, stress-free and on-time business trip. Taxis and rental cars are popular choices, but we have got 4 reasons corporate car service conquers them both when it comes to business travel. It makes sense to choose the one which provides the very best ROI in terms of quality, effectiveness and total expertise, since each style of travel can be written off your taxes.

  1. Punctuality

When you order chauffeured car service for your business trip, you will know exactly what time you’ll be picked up. In the event you are traveling to the airport for a departing flight, you can select your pickup time or request reservations to assist you determine the optimal pick up time, based on when your flight leaves and what time you need to arrive in the airport. Your sedan will likely be waiting for you to arrive, with a chauffeur on hand to help with your bag in case you need to travel from the airport to a hotel, office or house. Cab lines, on the flip side, can get rather long, and vehicles can get tight in a hectic city — especially during peak travel times. Rental cars require you to do the preparation and driving, which take away valuable time and energy that you could use for productivity or relaxation instead.

  1. Safety

Not only do top executive sedan firms use top line luxury vehicle models built for superior security, additionally they perform rigorous maintenance routines to keep them in top condition whatsoever times. These vehicles are driven by professionally skilled, skilled chauffeurs. And in addition to that, sedan businesses also carry insurance policies that are higher than rental cars or taxis, so in the unlikely occurrence of an injury, you will be well-covered.

  1. Reliability

They can handle the complex logistics involved with keeping business travelers on time, even during frantic traveling seasons, because of the innovative applications top livery companies use. Whether there’s a flight delay or any other change in strategies, an excellent car service will soon be able to adjust and optimize travel plans to make sure clients punctual as possible and get to their destinations as safely. You can also count on your chauffeur to consistently supply first class service and smooth, seamless driving. Chauffeurs are more than drivers; they can be the concierge you must get around a new city, offering suggestions for dining, entertainment or anything else you may need.

  1. Comfort

You’re ensured a smoother, more comfortable ride than most taxis and rental cars because luxury vehicles are used by chauffeured car companies. You can even count on the cars being cleaned and well-prepared for your personal tastes. When you’ve got a long ride, the additional comfort and legroom are crucial to keeping pressure-levels low as well as your health high. When you’re relaxing in the back of a comfy luxury vehicle you can work on your tablet, listen to music on your smartphone or simply shut your eyes and get some rest.

If you are an executive planning a business trip, contact Pittsburgh Car Service for a smooth, worry-free and first-class business travel experience.

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