Know How To Save On Your Wedding Budget With Pittsburgh Limo Service


You can always save big on your wedding budget and still make your wedding day a special one without comprising. The following tips will help you cut down on your expenses and plan your budget wisely.

Shorten the guest list:

Since you are saving on everything so why not your guests? Do the math and invite 100 guests instead of 150. Your wedding will still be outstanding even after dropping out a few guests.

Wedding mode:

Who says that a formal and simple wedding can’t be a happening one? Just keep your occasion less formal and it will become affordable as well. Plan a casual brunch or hi-tea instead of going for a full fledged dinner.

Wedding cards:

Why not opt for a classy and elegant wedding invite instead of going for a high quality material, fancy typeface and glittery design? This will be a redundant expense so pick something that is affordable, yet exceptional.

Flowers: Arranging decoration like flowers may seem to be a tiny affair but when counted on the whole these little things add up a large sum in your budget. So, go for less expensive wedding flowers and cut down that extra expense.

Wedding vows:

Don’t get clichéd by hiring a luxurious barn or pitching up a huge marquee to exchange your vows. Opt for a casual yet distinctive style. Choose a garden, a public park or a fine-looking church so that you don’t have to pay extra money for all the décor.


Reduce the number of cuisines that you are going to serve in your wedding. If you are going for six individual courses, then make it three. But make sure to choose the best dishes for your three courses to make up for less variety.

Wedding cake:

Tier cakes definitely look good but a small yet fabulous cake will also taste the same as the expensive one. So avoid tiers, handmade or special themed cakes as it will cost you more.
And while saving big on your wedding budget, you must estimate transportation costs as well. If you want to be a royal sight while stepping out of a deluxe limousine and walking towards the venue, then go ahead and hire Pittsburgh Limo Service. They provide very affordable Limousine Service Pittsburgh Airport and their rental charges will not challenge your budget limit at all.


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