Best Rice Tossing Alternatives for a Unique Wedding

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While throwing rice had been a traditional way to send off the bride and groom for many years, it is now becoming less common.

While it is not illegal, it is not approved of by many modern venues.

It is said that birds will swoop down and eat the leftover rice causing them gastrointestinal issues as the rice swells. So, because you don’t want to harm any birds for your big day, we have a list of the best rice throwing alternatives! Before you look up Car Service Near Me or a classy limo for your wedding ride, check out these great ideas.

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Confetti has always been a symbol of celebration, and what is a wedding if not a grand celebration of love? You can find a lot of options when it comes to eco-friendly confetti online. It is not only fun to throw confetti, but oversized confetti will really show through in photos quite nicely.


Grab Town Car Service and pick up tons of bubbles. Bubbles create a soft atmosphere and you can even find DIY recipes. There are also some great options for environmental friendly bubbles made with natural soap components, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the local ecosystem.

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Are you riding with eco-friendly Airport Town Car Service? Why not grab provide an exit strategy that can be picked up afterward, like yarn streamers? Have you ever seen professional streamer dancing? Their ribbons are tied to a stick and easily flow through the air. You could do the same, it makes for an easy clean up.


Here are some other great ideas that are as easy as booking Pittsburgh Airport Transportation.

Decorative mini-flags


Silly string



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