DIY your Wedding Funding with Creative Websites

DIY your Wedding Funding with Creative Websites

Launching a “fund me” project is getting increasingly popular.

People use these mini campaigns to pay for college, get extra money to start their own business, or even when a baby is on their way! Why not take advantage of this idea, but in a way that is a lot more fun?

DIY your Wedding Funding with Creative Websites

Sites like Zazzle allow you to create your own coffee mugs, sunglasses, stickers, shoes, and so on. You can create these fun products and make a “shop” for your wedding.

Of course, it’s all in fun but you or a creative friend can create fun matching sun glasses. That way your friends and family can buy them to not only help support you in funding the wedding, but also so they can wear on the way to your wedding, hanging out on a Charter Bus Rental Pittsburgh will have a blast in!

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People who want to support your honeymoon dreams can buy a shirt that say: “We’re so awesome! We helped Cheryl & Jordan make it to Peru!” If you can’t decide on a fun and quirky one liner, you could always just go with a cat in outer space, everyone loves a “cryonaut.”

Grabbing a charter or Coach Bus Pittsburgh newcomers can rely on will make it a thousand times easier for your friends and family and be will an extraordinary way to say thank you.

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