How to Keep Your Child from Drinking and Driving on Prom

Prom Statistics and How to Keep Your Child Safe

We all know the danger of prom night. But how realistic are they?

Should you worry about underage drinking? Is prom night really one of the most dangerous nights for your child on the road?

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We may be a reputable Car Service Pittsburgh and Executive Limousine Service company, but we’re also the first to research and learn about vehicle statistics and how to stay safe. So keep reading to discover the answer to all of your questions.

Prom night, your teen won’t stop talking about it! Have you decided if they will have to look up Limo Service Near Me for the ride there, or are they driving themselves?

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The risk of teens getting into an accident at night are roughly 4 times higher than that of an experienced adult. There are certainly various elements to factor in such as loud music or a car full of people. One third of all alcohol-related vehicle fatalities occurred during prom season.

So how do you avoid letting your teen drive or ride drunk? Provide transportation for them, or urge them to hire chauffeured transportation. Be it a Stretch Limo Rental, a taxi, or even an Uber—transportation is so much easier to get than it used to be. Experienced chauffeuring companies and close-by Ubers can even pick up your teens in a matter of minutes.

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So how can you convince them to agree to be escorted instead of drive? Tell them about all the perks! They will be treated like VIP’s, limousines and party buses have a professional sound system with bass boosters, and all they have to do is hook up their phone to play their favorite songs on the road.

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