The Dos and Don’ts of a Bridal Shower

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For the bridal shower, an evening with close friends and family members is a must to shed off the wedding stress. But do not worry if this is going to be your first experience of organizing a bridal shower. Have a look at our list of Dos and Don’ts of a bridal shower to throw an amazing, fun filled party.


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  1. Plan it early so that you can book the desired venue and inform those friends and family members who will be coming from out of town.
  2. Do send invitation cards rather than relying on verbal invitations.
  3. Do plan some activities for your guests. A Bridal shower is supposed to be fun, so plan ice breaker activities, toilet paper wedding dress competitions and purse hunts. Or, you can break away from traditions and plan some new exciting games for the guests.
  4. Do thank the guests with giveaways and party favours. The gifts do not need to be big or expensive. A small thank you card with a personalized keychain or mug will be great to let them know their presence matters to you.
  5. Do arrange a Charter Bus for your close friends and family members to reach the venue. This could be a way to thank them for their time and efforts in your wedding preparations. Contact a reliable Party & Charter Bus Rental service in your area. If you are living in Pittsburgh, feel lucky to have Charter Bus Rental Pittsburgh – the best, professional and most reliable Charter Bus Rental service in Pittsburgh i.e.


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  1. Don’t make it strict. Everyone understands that you might have some plans for your bridal shower but that does not mean you control everything.
  2. Do not invite Aunt Jane you have not met in last 5 years or your primary school friend – you are not in touch since leaving the school. Bridal shower is meant to be an event with your loved ones; BFFs & family members.
  3. Do not rely on any Party Bus Rental Service unless you do the research. For those in Pittsburgh, there is at least one less thing to do. They can easily rely on Party Bus Rental Pittsburgh.

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