Things to Do in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is a great city for art and food lovers. It is a city rich in history, so it will be a good trip for the kids as well.

The best way to see the city with lots of school kids is hiring a bus transportation service. You might be wondering that ‘how can I get a charter bus near me?’ Well there are plenty of charter buses for rent in Pittsburgh such as So all you got to do is pack up your things and head over to this great city and explore.

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  1. Andy Warhol Museum

When it comes to new age thinking and art you can never forget Andy Warhol. He inspired the phrase ‘15 minutes of fame’ and is a very well known figure in the art world. Here you can see some of his best works and inspire the kids to be interested in pop art as well. Your driver from the bus transportation service will know the place and take you there easily.


  1. Downtown Pittsburgh

You guys are going to love Downtown Pittsburgh as it is a bustling area with a great nightlife. There are many restaurants and cafes that you can tour around in the limo service Pittsburgh.  The Downtown area looks amazing in the evening,.

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  1. Carnegie Museum of Natural History

As you are cruising along the city in your bus transportation service and thinking that you made the right choice in hiring one of the charter buses for rent, you will reach the museum. The natural history museum is a great way for teaching kids science and when they see old fossils of dinosaurs and other remains of various creatures; they will be interested in learning more.


There is a lot more to do in Pittsburgh. Once you’ve hired the bus you want, you can also ask the driver to recommend some interesting places to visit. Call Us today at (724) 737-8057

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