Wedding Trends That Are All the Rage This Year

You are lucky if you are going to get married in 2017. Because the trending wedding fashions this year around are really good.

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So here are all the trends that we believe are some of the best, and every bride-to-be needs to incorporate it on their big day:

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A Customized Leather Jacket:

It’s true that white bellowing gowns are the real thing for the brides, but it never hurts to stand out and do something especially unique on your big day. Leather jackets with words like bride, or something funny or witty written and worn over the dress look surprisingly chic and elegant.

The flowery Hoop:

We have always seen the bride and her maids carrying a cute little bunch of flowers in their hands but this year the huge floral loop is totally in, and it looks super cool as all the girls are holding the adorned hoop as they make their entrances and pose for the iconic group pictures.

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The Invites:

A successfully ceremony is the one where all the guests enjoy almost as much as the couple getting married. And it all starts with a whimsical invitations that will get the guests excited from the very beginning. The best part is, these creative invitations are not really that expensive either. Plexiglas, handmade paintings, glow in the dark prints and many other methods can make the invitation appear unique and exciting.

And remember; in trying to arrange for all these things, don’t stress out too much and enjoy a night out with friends on a party bus. You’ll be surprised how affordable Party Bus Pittsburgh Prices are.

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