Why Do Women Take their Husband’s Last Name?

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If you have taken any sociology class in college, you may have come across some discussions or reading about how this, ‘taking the man’s last name’ tradition started. Unfortunately, it’s not very romantic. Maybe the quiet ride with your Airport Town Car Service has you pondering, well we’re here to answer. Our Charter Buses for Rent are not the only thing we can offer!

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We have to go back to a very long time ago, that can be uncomfortable for some. But as with many societies ages ago, women were generally seen having to belong to someone. For instance in England just 100 years ago, generally a woman’s father would set up ties to a family of its kind, typically another wealthy family.

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It may have certainly been viewed a different way back then, but now it’s celebrated in a whole new way. A last name change is a transformation for some, as becoming a unified with the one they love, or to simply say, I will be yours if you love me for who I am, take care of me or be my loving equal. Rejoice in America’s freedom to marry who we wish and express gratitude by providing Airport Limo Services or Coach Bus Rentals for family transportation!

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